Conveyor belts, pressure systems, rubber coatings and vulcanising presses - B&C s.r.l.

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Agriculture and food industry

Our range of products is suitable for all types of agricultural equipment, mixer wagons, baler belts

Marble and ceramics

We have a wide range of special conveyor belts for the different phases of marble and ceramic processing

Transport in general

Belts for any transportable product


Cut resistant belts with metal breaker, abrasion resistant belts, chevron conveyor belts, transversal cleats or vulcanized at customer’s request

Technical articles:

Technical items such as scraper, skirting for conveyor belts, gasket on technical design,rubber and PU profiles

Vulcanizing presses for rubber belts

Vulcanising presses of our production


B&C reliable conveyor belts for companies on the move.

Since 1988 our company is synonymous with reliability in the supply, installation and repair of conveyor belts in rubber, PVC and PU for different types of use: from handling and processing of marble, granite, porcelain stoneware and ceramics, to the collection and treatment of fruits and vegetables.

Our products


Customer satisfaction is important to us. The supply of high quality material is essential, but it’s not enough. For this reason we guarantee an efficient maintenance service from the assembly to the correct operation of the machine, after-sales service both in Italy and abroad.